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    I was trying to compare the Verizon plans availble and just looking to see if I got the numbers right on which would be best for me. I have 2 smartphones to upgrade, currently paying $160/mo before work discount for 700 min, unlimited text, and 4 GB data each (non-shared plan). That works out to $4100, including $200 for the phones and $60 upgrade fee up front, over the life of the contract if I upgraded and kept our current plan. This would be option 1.

    Option 2 would be to change to a More Everything plan with 6GB data shared (mostly used by me working on the road and we have wifi at home, so 8 GB shared would be a bit overkill), going with another standard contract. That came up to $160/mo line access, plus $200 up front for the two new phones. That would make it $4100 total as well after the two years are up and factoring in the phone and upgrade fees.

    Option 3 being the Edge plan with 10 GB. With the higher data discount, it makes the line access $130/mo, plus another $50/mo for the two phones, bringing it to $180/mo total before work discount. That worked out to $4320 over the course of two years. Afterwards, that would save us the $50/mo (and paying some upfront to lower that amount would be a wash anyway), but I doubt we'd keep the phones long enough after for the savings to catch up to what we'd be paying for option 2.

    So it looks like Options 1 and 2 would be the cheapest way to get into the new phones. Since my fiance wouldn't use very much data, Option 2 is looking more attractive since that would leave extra for me to use (4GB is pushing it sometimes for me). I know it also has cloud storage, but I doubt I'll make much use of that unless Verizon decides not to count that data access in the monthly allotments. I also have an air card with the option of keeping on its own plan or adding it to the phone plans. It is currently on a special plan they offered me of 20GB for $60/mo. I don't think I could get anywhere near that by combining all 3 devices into one plan, but figured I'd mention it in case it does make a difference. My work discount is 15%, which I know will change the numbers slightly, but I don't think it would change which plan is best. Does this all sound right in my thinking?
    05-18-2014 03:32 PM
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    If the devices that you're looking at are $100 on contract and $600 off contract, yes this all adds up as stated. For some reason it seems like Edge ought to have came out less than the others, but with the 600:100 values it makes sense that it wouldn't. The 6 and 8 GB tiers are both more expensive than then 10GB plan (same price as the 4 GB plan) and option 3 is about $9.17 average monthly more than 2 & 1 as stated. It would be quite a bit cheaper to go with a less expensive device, like the Moto X (about $8.33 less per month per device) or the LG G2 or Droid Maxx (about $4.16 less per month per device), however the first two on that list are also free on contract and thus would lower your total on option 1 & 2 to 3900 and the lowest cost option with two Moto X's would still be $20 more over the life of the 2 years, or an average of $0.83 per month more expensive.
    05-18-2014 03:53 PM
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    I'm leaning towards the M8, so yes, I'm assuming the $600/100 values. I may consider a cheaper phone, but my biggest concerns are screen tinting (reference my other recent thread in this section), and longevity. I know other phones can get an update to Kit Kat, but I'd prefer to start with one shipping with the most current version of Android. The M8 meets both of those it seems, but I still need to see one in person to judge for myself. Headed to a store later to browse.
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    05-18-2014 04:27 PM

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