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    Payments are now broken up over 20 months down from 24 months. So payments are now higher per device (full retail divided by 20 months).

    To Edge up it now requires 60% of the device is paid for (up from 50%). The 60% mark is still 12 months into payments like the 50%, so you can still upgrade every year without paying more up front to Edge up.

    You can still Edge Up every 30 days but it requires 60% of the balance paid up from 50%.

    You still receive the $10 service credit on More Everything Plan below 10GB, and the $25 credit for any More Everything Plan 10GB or higher.

    People already on the Edge program still remain on the 50% and 24 month original Edge Program until they Edge up, then they would see the new changes.

    I decided to post this because I didn't see anything official posted on the topic yet. Forgive me if I missed it.
    06-08-2014 09:36 PM

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