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    I have 4 upgrades available at this time but only really need to upgrade one phone currently. I want to wait for the new phones this fall "Shamu, Note 4, etc" but with the supposed transfer loophole closing I figure I use an upgrade to get a newer phone now to preserve UDP in case it becomes very difficult to do later. If later on there is still a way to upgrade and preserve UDP, I'll use another upgrade to get one of the newer phones later.

    Currently deciding between LG G3 or S5. My main concern for the LG G3 is overheating which I have read multiple people mention and for the S5 how it still is laggy even with all that ram. (was also thinking M8 but camera was a killer for me)

    08-13-2014 05:42 PM
  2. JulesJam's Avatar
    but with the supposed transfer loophole closing
    The transfer loophole is not closing. What is ending is the ability to drop the data plan from a basic line once you use the basic line's upgrade.

    I have consolidated what we know here.
    08-13-2014 05:48 PM
  3. ewa12321's Avatar
    I would take S5 if I had money. HDR function for recording video is amazing i want to have such thing on my camera. If you need good camera for photos and video go for S5.idk if LG G3 have removable battery, this ability is a lifesaver. S5 has best screen on market according to tests. The only horrible disadvantage of AMOLED screen is pixels burning, it looks horrible
    08-13-2014 05:49 PM
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    1400 min plan with 2 unltd and 3 feature phones. Only 2 ffs are under contract.*

    I phoned verizon corporate CS. They insisted the phone has to be purchased on or by the 24th not activated and actually you have the full 14 days after receiving your order to make any changes.*

    I'm ordering from best buy tomorrow or Sunday. I have 3 upgrades available. I'm going to use my $50 bb gc (from SD tablet trade in) , get a Galaxy S5 or lg g3 for $49.99, get a free $50 best buy gift card from a previous promo. So minus upgrade fee it's only $30 oop.*

    I will then wait 14 days to see if anything newer is released. If not, sell the phone brand new on eBay or swappa.com. Put the $450-$500 in savings and get the new Droid maxx refresh, moto maxx, or shamu for full retail.*

    There's no point in me not doing this. If the network optimization is that bad I will sell the phone and pay the etf and not be in the hole.*

    I have seen a few documents stating September 13th as the official starting day which makes more sense to me because they need some type of a grace period for customer returns.*

    I had my account remarked accordingly so if I do need to exchange my phone (in case I buy from Verizon due to whatever) I will be in the clear and also had it remarked I wouldn't lose my unlimited plan if my phone arrived after the 24th.*

    They aren't discounting our plans if we pay retail. And there's a significant chance the throttling won't be that bad. Plus we would just lower our plan to 700 mins, keep the feature phones only, and take our smartphone business elsewhere.*

    Am I crazy? Because I do have a 32gb droid maxx with unlocked bootloader and it's a great phone. The only reason I'm upgrading early is because I don't want to add $30 a month data plan until next year.

    Edit : you should pick whichever phone has the highest resale. The gs5 is going for more on swappa than the lg g3.
    08-22-2014 09:44 PM

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