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    When accessing Verizon's website, you should be aware you might not always access identical data. Depending what is coded in the URL immediately after the Cell Phones, Smartphones & the Largest 4G LTE Network - Verizon Wireless. If the value of the ????? is vzw, you are probably on what Verizon would consider the base site. If it is some other value on some pages you might see different information. To handle the volume and maintenance most companies do this type of thing. It is not some plot to trick you. It is just that Verizon seems not to be doing a good job keeping the everything in sync.

    The pages I know have display difference to me have been in the shopping area. That is easy to spot. But if it is true on those pages, it might be else where. I discover after a visit to the store about details of a MOTO X purchase and plan change. We were unable to complete the transaction because of an out of stock message for the MOTO X. She told to sign on from home later and complete it. Since the MOTO X design your own purchase choice had not displayed in the smartphone sales area on my PC, I ask how. She showed me the screen flow, I should have seen at home. In this specific case, the store screen offered 5 Motorola phone choices; while my screen at home only had 4 Motorola phone choices. Over several days, I was able to access a screen with either 4 or 5 Motorola screen choices. The difference seemed to be driven by above value in the URL. If I changed the value in the URL from something else to vzw, I could get to the 5 choice screen. Changing the value will cause other parts of the website to fail so it is not a cure.

    Site accessed from the phone seems to use the vzw URL flow of screens.

    If you sign on early in the day (EST), you are more likely to get the vzw URL. I expect there are only minor differences probably in the areas that are high volume and change information frequently. But it is kind of scary.
    10-20-2014 10:51 AM

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