1. Rob Curtiss's Avatar
    I have a Samsung Galaxy S5. My phone has started to slow down with text messages and I'd like to delete some of the 500+ pictures in the sent/received folder. Regrettably, this folder does not show up in my gallery. I only can view it when attempted to attach a photo to a new text message, and when I do so, the option to delete is not available. I know I can view all the sent/received pictures, but then can only delete them one at a time. Is there a way to mass delete them or do I have an hour of deleting to do?
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    11-29-2014 01:59 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Use MyFiles or some other file manager app to look around the various folders--see if you can find the folder that the messaging app uses. It might be under Media, Pictures, data, or Android.

    Another option would be to go to the App Manager, select Messaging, and Clear Cache/Clear Data. This will likely erase all stored message threads, so make sure you back up whatever you want to save.
    11-29-2014 06:29 PM
  3. Rob Curtiss's Avatar
    In looking through the file structure, I can't find a single folder containing those photos. I find them, but they appear to be mixed in with photos that are in other folders as well.

    Is clearing cache/clear data is the same as a 'delete all' to my text messages?
    11-30-2014 08:15 AM
  4. Mr. Toad's Avatar
    Install a third party messager like handcet. Make it the default messenger app. Hit menu button, then batch mode. Check the ones you want to delete in each thread.
    11-30-2014 11:46 PM
  5. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Is clearing cache/clear data is the same as a 'delete all' to my text messages?
    I'm not sure if it's completely the same. If you do have a Delete All option, try that first--hopefully, it will also delete the associated photos.
    12-01-2014 12:01 AM
  6. Brittany Goodman's Avatar

    Did you figure out how to mass delete all your sent/received photos? I figured out how to delete sent/received photos but trying to delete one by one is a nuisance.

    01-06-2015 10:54 AM
  7. Angie Sparks's Avatar
    I can not figure out how to delete the pics in the sent/received. Can you help please?
    01-13-2015 07:02 PM
  8. Brittany Goodman's Avatar
    What messaging app do you use?
    02-08-2015 05:03 PM
  9. 0175's Avatar
    What messaging app do you use?
    Brittany did you figure out how to mass delete? That one by one is crazy
    11-10-2015 11:50 AM

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