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    So after 3 1/2 months, close to 30 hours with level 2 tech support I have come to the conclusion that 1) Verizon customer support really doesn't care. 2) Most (at least every one I've dealt with) of the customer support people are compulsive liars.

    Starting with the KitKat upgrade of my Galaxy S5, I've had the by now well documented issue with picture messages not coming in.

    First call to tech support we did everything up to and including a factory reset to no avail. I was then told that it really didn't mater because since at least for me the issue only happened when on 3G. On 4G never a problem. According to tech support person number 1, 3G would be going away although he couldn't tell me exactly when. Not much help

    Second call to tech support I thought I'd found someone that would work to resolve the issue. In talking with him he said he searched and could not find any indication that this happened to anyone but me. Multiple calls trying multiple things finally bumped up to a Network Engineer. A week later the network engineer (I use the term engineer very loosely) tells me that if I would just use VZ Messages plus there would be no problem. I tried it, no joy. Talked with the level 2 tech support person again and was told I didn't have current version and that the network engineer had duplicated my problem then fixed it by upgrading to current version, so I upgraded and again no joy. Even though the issue wasn't resolved, the trouble ticket was closed. At this point he believed it was a device issue and sent out a replacement. Brand new fully up to date. Nope not working either. Sent it back and talked to him again. It must be Samsung issue and he would work with Samsung. 5 weeks go by with no answer, not even a response to an email. Apparently just not responding when you don't have an answer is how they roll.

    Call to third tech support person, very apologetic that things got dropped. Went through a number of things and finally agreed to send out a network extender to get me off of 3G Extended and two open the trouble ticket back up. The extender was supposed to be arriving in a couple days. A week later nothing arrived. I sent 2 follow up e-mails with no response.

    Call to fourth tech support person. This one much more argumentative. No an extender was never sent and would not be sent because it won't work. Hmm previous person said nothing about that. But the trouble ticket was open and well I guess you'll just have to wait until Samsung/Google correct the problem because it's not a Verizon problem. I pointed out that my contract was with Verizon to provide service which they were not. She really didn't seem to care, just wanted to get rid of me.

    Call to talk to a supervisor since I was getting the run around from tech support. After an hour on the phone with him, he first confirmed that no extender would be sent unless I wanted to purchase one, and two, the trouble ticket that I was told earlier in the day was open had in fact not been opened. On further discussion I was told that since I could get MMS pictures if I didn't turn WIFI on that Verizon was providing the service for which I was paying. So now my options are pay for an added device which may or may not work or just never use WIFI and up my data plan by $30 a month or so. Or I can have them send my phone back to Samsung to let them work on it and in the interim have nothing.

    And just to make things better, we just added another device, LG G3 to the account and it has the same issues.

    All I can say is VERIZON YOU SUCK. No support, told anything just to get rid of me, told that no the device and service you bought really won't do everything they're supposed to and you have to pay extra if you want them to work.
    01-02-2015 10:44 AM

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