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    So I stupidly went swimming with my brand new Droid Turbo in my pocket. Submerged for at least 20 minutes. I've dried it out for the past four days in silica beads. The screen seems to be (mostly) working, but the battery won't charge and I can't get it to boot up. So, thinking I might have to replace it. I am on a shared plan with 2 lines, and no upgrades available for the next 23 months. No insurance of course. Have called Motorola to no avail. Besides paying retail for a new phone, any suggestions?
    01-05-2015 11:56 AM
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    There really isn't much you can do with the phone due to no insurance and warranty won't cover water damage. You really only have the option of buying full retail or buying something off of swappa or something similar.

    Sorry to hear about your Turbo .
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    01-05-2015 12:55 PM
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    Assuming that you got it within 90 days, and paid with American express or other card that has purchase protection then you can file a claim and they will reimburse you the amount that you paid on their card. So if you paid full retail for our then you would get everything back. If not then at least you would still hey something back, better than nothing.

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    01-05-2015 01:10 PM
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    Well, I ended up taking my phone in to Verizon and explained what happened. They very graciously allowed me to retroactively convert my line to Edge and gave me a brand new phone. Out the $250.00 I paid for the first one, but can't complain at all.
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    01-07-2015 03:43 PM
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    01-08-2015 10:06 AM

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