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    I'm sure it's been talked to death, but as the main account holder on my family plan I've been sitting on an upgrade and it's starting to burn. Looking at upcoming devices I'm having a hard time deciding what I want, so here's the pros and cons of each phone I want, and I would really like to hear some opinions.

    incredible 2
    Pros: probably the soonest to release, I already have a since and love it, 4" screen (despite my big hands 4.3" seems bulky), engadget's review of the inc s made the new sense seem awesome, 3g pricing
    Cons: will probably be outdated really quickly, no 4g speeds, I would like to try another brand just for change, no gingerbread and I love the gb keyboard.

    xperia play
    Pros: obviously the game pad, PlayStation - I'm a fanboy, 4" screen, 3g pricing, gingerbread!
    Cons: timescape, Sony ericson's bad history of updating, engadget's review wasn't exactly praising especially on build quality, no 4g, ugly

    LG revolution
    pros: LG has some awesome phones - I loved my dare, probably easier to root than bionic, Lte, probably closer to release, the nicest looking device on this list
    Cons:LG also has awful phones - asurion replaced my dare with a voyager barf, likely expensive data, not dual core, really big 4.3" screen, froyo

    Droid bionic
    pros: the most cutting edge device which is where I like to be, dual core, Lte, rumors of android 3.x
    Cons: likely the last release, likeley very expensive in every way, unknown OS, 4.3" screen, Motorola locks their bootloaders.

    As you can tell, I am on the fence regarding lte, since it's awesome but we don't know what costs are going to look like. My desire for the best makes me want the bionic but my impatience and comfort with HTC makes me want the dinc2, while the rev and play are other options I'm concisering.
    04-11-2011 02:29 AM