1. bestaudioguy's Avatar
    Looking to replace my current rugged phone to the new Blackview BV9500. They claim it will work on Verizon, but neither Verizon says it will or blackview claim it will work.
    Verizon suggest just taking my SIM from my old phone and put it in new phone and see what happens.
    Any way to verify it will work?
    09-30-2018 05:01 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    From what I can tell, the Blackview doesn't have a CDMA radio, so it would have to rely on LTE for voice calls. Although it does seem to support Verizon's LTE bands, the phone still has to be approved by Verizon. So I'd believe Verizon over Blackview on this.


    Here's Verizon BYOD page: https://forums.androidcentral.com/e?...token=1Y4Cfwli
    10-01-2018 11:58 AM
  3. bestaudioguy's Avatar
    Have an update for ya. Got my new BV9500. Got on the Verizon website and entered the IMEI number which was declined.
    Decided to call Verizon and got lucky and got a level 2 tech that had to be the most helpful person I have ever dealt with!
    She was able to change the IMEI number to one that would work on their Network so she had me take my SIM card from my old phone into the Blackview and all I got was 3G service and could not make any calls. She advised me to go to my Verizon store to get a new SIM card.
    She saved it to my file so when I got to Verizon they had all the info.
    They gave me a new SIM card and Bam, 4G and can make calls!
    CDMA is the old call and data service that will be phased out once 5G hits the market.
    None of the 4G phones use CDMA and call on the 4G network.
    So happy it works.
    The only thing Blackview needs to include is a charger with a US plug.
    The phone is huge. It's all battery. Using it heavy the last few days during getting it setup and battery is at 70%. It's a big, heavy unit.
    10-16-2018 08:00 PM
  4. neuronton's Avatar
    are you kidding me???? get your facts. 5g isn't out and you nor any carrier will tell you they will have a network ready across us by any date because they don't know when they can do it and need to have phones support it. C CDMA is the newest not oldest wtf.. gsm is the oldest by far. please research gsm and CDMA for your evidence. Phones used to mainly support carriers unique to their capability of signal reception but with the flagship phones and this third iteration of a Sim card... yes.. That one that supports your 4te and is smaller with specific lte capability. The gsm lines that Verizon doesn't use on its network, picked up by tmobile and att, use that type of lte of course now... so where Verizon never had a Sim card as long as it was CDMA.. had 3g and didn't need it... gsm users (tmobile, att, most of the rest of the world including Europe, Africa...were never having CDMA which came long after gsm and they used older and differnt sums. If you want to use my galaxy at I can pick up by scanning that I can access a sprint and tmobile.. all I need is use the carrier of choice or the carriers that use those towers like tracfone for t-mobile, and have its CDMA to gsm tracfone 3 in one Sim kit to use the phone on their network. Of course I'm speaking hypothetically and literally.. Since I didn't do it for my own reasons considering I have free service with tracfone for life and I happen to be in an area where tmobile is the fastest rated speeds, even if it's not by much it edges Verizon. on the contrary Verizon is the only network to stay connected to any tower for my mother who isn't far but is in a higher elevation and more open area where I see it appears that all other networks just barely miss the house and leave a blank zone. So when I found that out instead of saving over 80/month by having a switch to a tested better plan and in my location speed and service with consumer cellular, I had her luckily test my phone and had it verified not working dispite my call to cancel any port attempts it stilll ported after speaking to both porting depts from Verizon and cc. So be careful of course they messed up and would throw fees at many but they never given any permission to port out with authority and the receiver were given specifics to deny all port attempts and while they handily had a tool to show how both sides failed by law to not with approval transfer, both sides somehow were not able to prevent auto port attempts often as if it was a fax that got rejected to auto retry. Lies of control of their abilities to cancel or override things like this caused me to waste life and yell on three way to both porting people (imagine the wait time for that non listed dept on Verizon too) But having proof of their both fails is something I'll never fail using if I had to get a dead phone back online and becoming in control of porting in real time.. Which I will say is considered something most people would need to wait upto days or more, I had them simply send their back and forth ports that seemed to goto directly the porting people to confirm the request and verify the accuracy of it before putting it in queue. But less than five minutes can one company create a port request to send electronically with the time lag to receive being no more than a minute so..... Basically all phones now use the 4g dim but not are compatible with carriers so the carrier like Verizon who confirmed to me any carrier so long as an imei was ever made they can tell you yes or no with certainty . Don't have your gsm CDMA sim and carrier talk here have any other message but to help and denounce 5g as your statement isn't founded. I bet you don't even know if and where it would be tested. I do and let's say it's ten miles from me and only one other suburb had a green light. this is not a city and it's not 5g phones that you have or will have come next years spring flagships for sure. Spoiler. verizon wants to have it in smalllllll spots just to see if they can fulfill their goal they set for their stock holders by having maybe a 5g visual they can maybe complete by 2019 Dec. Yes that's factual insider but feel free to fact check if they put out a message to show exactly how 5g and mobile phones just are gonna take off within one year without any idea of how long it will take... come on they didn't start building
    10-30-2018 07:20 AM

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