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    My wife and I have been fighting this problem for years. That's no exaggeration. It has lasted over several different phones, by both Motorola and Samsung. The problem is that when we talk to each other, and sometimes to our kids (also on Verizon mobile phones), it sounds like the other person is speaking under water or with their hand over their mouth. They are all but impossible to understand.

    Things we've tried:
    New phones and different phone manufacturers.
    Changing settings for Advanced Calling and and background noise
    Using the phone with a protective case and with nothing.
    Using speakerphone (usually worse) or not.

    Typically, the problem doesn't exist if the phone is connected to something like a car speaker through bluetooth or through a plug in mic/earphone in the phone's port (but that doesn't always solve it). This is what's really strange- if I talk to my mother, who is on her cell phone on AT&T, we NEVER have this issue. If I talk to someone on a land-line, we NEVER have this issue. It's only when 2 Verizon cell phones talk to each other that it's a problem. This leads me to think that it must be something going on with Verizon's network. I've spent dozens of hours troubleshooting the problem with Verizon (resetting phone network settings, etc). NOTHING has worked. I'm at a total loss. I'm ready to abandon Verizon as there appears to be no solution. Any suggestions?
    10-15-2019 12:52 AM

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