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    If youve ever been a customer of Seidio before, then you know and expect the quality and craftsmanship that they put into their products. It is my pleasure to write that the Innocase case and holster combo for the Samsung Vibrant meets nothing less than these expectations, and offers the level of comfort, protection, and functionality that is desired. As with their past products, Seidio has continued to masterfully craft the Innocase to allow for full access to all functionality ports (charging, audio, camera, speakerphone, and buttons) on your device, and have done so without adding hardly any weight or bulk to the overall feel. Personally, I prefer to have the Innocase on at all times as it makes my Vibrant feel that much more comfortable to use. If youre in the market for a case that will provide adequate drop protection for your Vibrant and feel smoother and more streamlined than anything else currently available, then you cant go wrong with the Innocase case and/or holster combo.

    The Innocase case and/or holster combo is available at seidioonline.com.
    12-16-2010 06:09 PM