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    I've got cyanogenmod 7 on my gTablet right now. It works great, except a small, easily worked-around bug with audio routing, and this one disturbing thing. I'm wonder if Vegan or TnTlite perform this better, but don't want to waste time loading a different ROM if the results are going to be the same (as I like CM7).

    Here's the usecase: Video streaming over wifi from a DLNA server with the audio output to stereo bluetooth headphones.
    Playback (audio and video) becomes choppy when I try this. Streaming the video and playing the audio out the speakers is smooth. Playing the same video locally and playing audio over bluetooth is also smooth.

    Can someone else try this scenario on TnTlite and/or Vegan and let me know if it's good?

    If it does work for you, can you list the video information, including audio codec and rate, etc. Maybe I just need to tweak my encoding settings...
    04-07-2011 10:47 AM

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