1. jyoungjr's Avatar
    I have been working on getting my G-Tab to have the ability to use video chat. I am running Vegan ROM. Installed Yahoo messenger but have been unable to download the pluggin for video. States that it is unavailable. Fring does not even show a video option. Any ideas??

    This was one of the main reasons that I picked up the tablet.... help!
    05-17-2011 11:15 AM
  2. garyray's Avatar
    Yea i've tried messenger plugin with no luck. I've taken the apk for the video plugin & installed it but it just says that it is incompatible with yahoo messenger and closes.
    I've tried Meebo website but it doesn't work well for a touch screen & doesn't recognize the camera.
    The android app doesn't have the option.
    You can try the google chat hacks for the video chat. I am not sure if it works on the G Tab but it's worth a shot. I have but didn't see the option for video chat. Maybe the users on my list don't have everything they need for it.
    05-18-2011 05:55 PM
  3. circustravis's Avatar
    Supposeldy Tango works if you upgrade to Gingerbread. I haven't had time to try it yet, though.
    05-19-2011 10:12 AM
  4. Mustang46L's Avatar
    Tango works for me on Vegan GB but I show up sideways on the recipients phone.
    05-19-2011 07:15 PM
  5. dslayton's Avatar
    There is a tablet version of qik that works with the gtab. Just do a Google search for it.

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    06-08-2011 12:47 AM