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    I was googleing around and came upon this ... How to Activate a Virgin Mobile on Boost Unlimited | eHow.com . I dont know if posting direct links is cool here, so if not and it gets erased. It says that you may be able to put a virgin mobile phone on the boost unlimited plan by calling them and giving them the esn ect. Has anyone had any luck doing this? I have been a boost customer for 20 months and am now down to the 35/ month plan. Seems like it would be a good option for me to keep that plan if possible. I already bought the Evo V, I just have not activated it yet because I was waiting for my month with boost to end. If nobody has tried this I guess i will give it a try and report back. Just wondering what i should say... and not say. Think I should be completely honest and give them the esn AND model name, Or just give them the esn only and say that I want to activate "my new android phone". Ideas? or experiences? thank you.
    08-31-2012 09:19 PM
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    BTW, I tried to do this by giving them my esn and phone model and the Rep said that it could not be Done. Maybe the Rep. was just lazy and didnt want to help me reprogram my phone or maybe they just cant do it and the guy on e.how knows about as much as I do.
    09-04-2012 09:53 PM