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    I bought an htc evo 4g today and tried to swap it on the net and it made me upgrade from 25$ to 35$ a month so I added the money and tried to upgrade but it told me to call support. I called and the lady said it was fixed and I could swap the phone now that my account was upgraded. So I look at my account and it got boosted an extra month and still had the remaining 35$ in the account. I tried to swap and it errored again so I called and this time a guy helped me and we went through some steps and he said to power down the phone because it was giving errors and he would call my land line in 10 minutes. He called back and when I answered my land line my phone (portable) died. I put it on the charger and waited about 30 mins and they didn't call back so I figured maybe he fixed it so I turned my phone on and activated it. Activation worked but it gave me a an out of state area code number and didn't activate to my account. So as of now I am sitting here with a fully functional phone with a state area code not of my own and next to it is my old phone that is registered to an account that has an extra month and 35$ left in it and it works too. So my new phone is on a line that just doesnt appear to exist, when I click the 'internet' icon on my droid desktop it says to enter my 10# phone number and when I do it doesn't recognize it (the page just refreshes). Which obviously doesnt matter because I can just pull anything up through the google bar.. So what do you think guys, do I have a limitless phone line or do you think it will get cut off after a month and I wont be able to transfer it to my original #? Customer services has NO idea what they are doing.
    01-24-2013 04:11 AM

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