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    Hey folks :-)

    I'm been searching the market looking for a sound booster to boost the speakerphone volume, though have come up short. I'm on the Bumble Bee rom v2.4. All the apps that say they boost the levels of the speakers require Gingerbread :-(

    For example the App "Volume+ (Sound Boost)" by Meltus is exactly what I need, but it's not for froyo builds, something to do with specific APIs in Gingerbread that Froyo lacks.

    So, if anyone knows a way to boost my speakerphone levels and what not, I'd appreciate it.

    07-04-2011 05:35 PM
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    im on gingerbread and nothing I've found to boost volume works well enough to matter.

    I notice when I use earbuds the volume is fine, but most of the stuff i listen to doesnt sound right without the bass.

    when I use my studio earphones, the quality is much better, but the volume is way too low.

    its like the phone cant drive the large speakers so they sound like they have less volume.

    I do have a set of powered headphones though with their own volume booster in-line. these fixed ALL my problems.

    i think its the output of the phone, its probably designed to drive earbuds and not anything much larger
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    07-04-2011 08:11 PM