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    Okay, so, my phone took 3 falls in one day, all on hard surfaces (brick and wood.) Now it seems like I am having all the trouble in the world typing. In portrait mode, it is suddenly much more difficult than before to hit a certain letter, especially on the left side. I basically have to switch to landscape and then it's mostly fine (which isn't a big deal, just bothersome when I'm not used to doing it.) Any thoughts?

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    06-08-2012 12:51 PM
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    You inspired me to understand more about how capacitive screens work.

    "Capacitive touch screens are constructed from materials like copper or indium tin oxide that store electrical charges in an electrostatic grid of tiny wires, each smaller than a human hair....There are two main types of capacitive touch screens – surface and projective. Surface capacitive uses sensors at the corners and a thin evenly distributed film across the surface (as pictured above) whereas projective capacitive uses a grid of rows and columns with a separate chip for sensing..... In both instances, when a finger hits the screen a tiny electrical charge is transferred to the finger to complete the circuit, creating a voltage drop on that point of the screen."

    Source: Science Line

    It sounds to me like there's irreversible damage done to that grid.

    I hope you at least had a good buzz going when you dropped it. Sounds like one of my post podcast hangout nights.
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    06-10-2012 11:00 AM
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    Haha, no buzz at all. I have crappy furniture that sits on bricks and it kept leaping off onto them while I was getting frustrated playing Rage.

    Thanks for investigating. Much appreciated, homie.

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    06-10-2012 11:26 AM
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    It's not funny at all that your phone was damaged, but the reason it happened is kind of funny lol.
    06-10-2012 12:14 PM
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    Totally. But man, it's frustrating. I couldn't even unlock my phone half the time because one of the dots I use is on that side, and as I'm typing this in landscape, I'll have to rotate it back to press "Done" because it will probably not register my press at the location it's at now, haha.

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    06-10-2012 12:23 PM