1. ps20090's Avatar
    Hello ,
    i often flash new roms to my lg optimus V which my mom brought from USA for me as it was cheap and she used for couple of months .. and then it was cheaper to just give me to play music and games rather then sell it in craglist .

    I am in studying in china now , so i used many apps to call people from mobile via my laptop's wifi (connectify) ,(besides other things i do with phone like play games , etc. )

    few days back when i tried to call with new rom i reliazed there is no sound coming from earpiece or speaker (during wifi voip call) ... but when i play music it does from speaker ...
    I turned all volume to full and tried again but no luck ,

    Maybe my earpiece got disabled some how with so many roms i flash , but even i click it to go on speaker during voip call it gets no sound .... not even dialtone ... but other person can hear me completely

    Could you suggest me some app/music which i can play from phone's earpiece so i can know it is that or rom is the issue ....
    Or could be that my anti-virus is filtering 2 way voip call (but it was working fine few days even it on ... i use AVG free version)
    Or maybe i forgot some steps in putting new roms , might have skipped some step like wipe dalvik cache , etc.
    Or very well could be my voip company sucks and they having issue at they own server

    I tried the same voip call again with bluetooth headphone Motorola S9 , still no sound during Voip calll but during but other person can hear me ..... i even tried my laptops headphone on it but to no avail

    it is not like i am dying or cannt survive without earpiece , just that i am afriad my mom will get angry at me for all the rooting and playing game caused damage to mobile and she will think i am irresponsible .
    09-29-2012 10:13 PM
  2. Phatninja55's Avatar
    It's the rom. What rom is it?
    09-29-2012 10:30 PM

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