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    This is actually one home screen that scrolls seamlessly up and down.
    Launcher 8
    A Windows Phone 8 style launcher.

    The Gallery widget display the pics I've chosen in a looping fashion.
    The regular app icons are actually folders that continually flip to reveal a different app that's in that folder.
    As you add folders, apps, or widgets there placed below everything else, but can easily be moved around.
    The app drawer is actually to the right of the home screen, not the bottom. Just scroll right
    Added black background in settings (white or black). Really makes it pop!

    Color theme of tiles can be changed in the blink of an eye to 20 different colors
    I like the Cyanogen Bread style color.

    Status bar can be hid until dragged, but seems to cause apps to open a lot slower if option is selected.

    You can also change the color of each individual tile.

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    How to what part? To change the color of an individual tile just long press, then let go. You will see a pin with a line thru it in upper right corner (delete tile) and a pen in the left corner. Touch the pen and the edit options for that tile will come up. Select the part about the color of the tile. It will pop up 20 different colors. Choose one. Back out. Done.

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