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    Hello, I have 2 old Optimus Vs that I'm trying to re-use. Both are stock and neither has a SIM card. I'd like to convert one into a Media Player (2nd may become a backup Media Player or phone for my kid). I've rooted my Elite, so I'm somewhat familiar with the process. Some questions:
    • Is removing the SIM card enough to disable the cell radio on the phone? If not, how can I turn the cell radio off (and leave the wi-fi on)?

    • Which ROM would you recommend for a Media Player (mostly music via wi-fi, no phone/gps/etc)? Why?

    • At a minimum, I'd like to have access to YouTube, Google Play, Amazon Cloud, Pandora, Tunein Radio. I will build a NAS later, so access to music on my LAN would be great as well. Not interested in video on this small device. Any other App or music area that I've missed that you have found useful?

    • Do I need a micro SD card to install any of the apps mentioned above or is there enough room on the phone? If I need a card, would the basic 2GB work or do I need something bigger? I won't be storing songs locally on the phone/player.

    • I'm sure I've missed something. Any gotchas or must haves on a player of this type?

    Many thanks for your help!
    12-26-2013 05:06 PM
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    You'll be fine with a 2GB, depending in how much music you plan on storing.

    The V has no Sim, so you'll be fine. It won't activate unless on stock ROM through activate.

    Can't remember, but the phone has a good 170 MB's free I believe. It should do, but I think cache will bring up the storage pretty low. You should be able to make it though, and you can always move apps to the SD card.

    As for ROM, I recommend a GB ROM like MiRaGe. Most up to date GB ROM there is for this phone .

    Best of luck~

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    12-26-2013 05:44 PM

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