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    I need a new battery for my VM670 virgin mobile optimus v. maybe more than one.
    after searching the threads:
    1. it's been a while since new batteries were discussed
    2. it doesn't appear that there was any clear choice found by the members as to what vender was best.
    3. there also were issues with batteries not fitting, not powerful enough, and not having the required 'thermistor'.

    I have purchased batteries for my nokia phone from a vender called batterygalaxy, and the batteries last me for several days, where the old oem nokia batteries (and they truly were very old) went dead in a day. the new batteries were really cheap, but the quality was not lacking in any way.

    I don't know if links are allowed here, so I will put this up:
    if you submit this in the ebay search bar you should be able to see a black and white battery with cable for 6.38
    also I would like to add that the battery in the picture looks JUST LIKE the batteries for the nokia (the black and white writing). they are probably a fresh batch from the same manufacturer. but this is only my opinion.

    I would have posted the link if I knew it was ok to do so.

    does anybody here have any previous knowledge or experience with these batteries for the VM670?
    any advice, suggestion, or discussion is most welcome and appreciated.
    suggestions about any other vender is also welcome, if allowed by the website.
    my wife and I both have rooted VM670's.
    09-25-2014 06:59 PM

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