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    EDIT 3: Final

    And, it looks like that was a bit of a false alarm. I flashed another ZIP (Xionia, pretty stock) and cleared out everything before/afterwards, then rebooted. Took a tiny bit longer to restart, and now I'm seeing a Virgin Mobile screen. Very, very happy person.

    Thanks for the infos here, not sure if I used them but... yeah.

    EDIT 2

    My phone still boots with the Sprint logo and jingle. And now it's stuck in a bootloop. Oy.


    Fixed my own problem, after a LOT of angst but right after I posted this.

    1. Instead of trying to access ADB from recovery, I try to access it from the faulty Sprint screen. Why hadn't I thought of that before? And why in the WORLD was it possible to use USB debugging? I hadn't enabled it, and it would have been near impossible to get to it...
    2. Run SuperOneClick to gain root privilege. That was easy enough.
    3. Follow the standard procedure to flash recovery through ADB shell now. *whew* that was a whole lot easier than I had thought.

    What about the people who can't get USB debugging up and running though? Is it possible to bypass Sprint ID?


    So there is a series of major defects with my phone, that I'm trying to work through right now. You can say I messed it up pretty well...

    1. I flashed a Sprint ROM. Since I don't have a Sprint ID, I can't get past that nag screen (easily) because every time I hit the Home button it pops back up.
    2. I lost the shell. So I can't ADB shell or any of that goodness.
    3. I lost custom recovery. Which can only be reinstalled with a working ADB shell, I think...

    If anybody knows a way to get around this, I'm all ears. Like a properly signed update.zip (I haven't found any, and have tried to make my own, and failed)... I'm trying to install Zeam through my computer right now, to see if that much works >.> Not feeling too hopeful though.
    03-10-2011 08:52 PM