1. PC_Jones's Avatar
    Like some others, I've got my Optimus V stuck in headset mode. Media sound doesn't work, the microphone doesn't work, and I can only call in speaker mode. I've tried the physical fixes like using a Q-tip or toothpick and fiddling with the jack, but to no avail. Right now, I just need a way to turn it off. Any kind of software fix would be helpful until I can get it in for repairs. Any suggestions?
    04-02-2011 11:19 PM
  2. ashton4life's Avatar
    That happened to me with my LG Env2. I did the toothpick thing and it worked. I never put earphones in it again. It must be a defect on LG and there jacks. I wish I could help. Chat with someone from LG online. Check out the support chat on there website.
    04-02-2011 11:28 PM
  3. whyaphoenix's Avatar
    04-03-2011 04:01 AM
  4. ssam's Avatar
    Mine Optimus V did the same thing a while ago.. i basically rebooted the phone with the headset plugged in. and it worked. It mostly happens if you use your phone for music alot of times.
    04-03-2011 01:46 PM
  5. one80oneday's Avatar
    Had this happen on HTC Touch Pro, flashing/ resetting didn't help. Jamming my stylus in there a few times fixed it and it never happened again.

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    04-03-2011 04:43 PM