1. davidh44's Avatar
    On the stock e-mail app, I can't seem to figure out how to select all e-mails to be able to mark them as read or delete them. Since I have to use a non-Gmail account as POP3 instead of IMAP, e-mails I read or delete elsewhere don't sync with my phone as well. So I get left with a bunch of old e-mails I've already read or deleted in the stock E-mail app.
    04-28-2011 08:26 AM
  2. notserpmh's Avatar
    Not a direct answer to your question, but you might want to try out K9 mail from the market. I use the Gmail app for my gmail and google apps for domains accounts, but for my non-google related account, I have found K9 to be a lot better than the stock email app. I use it with IMAP though.
    05-03-2011 04:35 PM
  3. scootincivic's Avatar
    I beleave our stock email app does not have this feature..
    However I know CM7 has this feature with the stock email app..
    Maybe it's just a 2.3 feature or CM7 has a newer version of the email app..
    I really don't know as I haven't done much research on this subject..

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    05-04-2011 06:30 PM
  4. lance1955's Avatar
    You cant do a "select all delete" You can to the left in the shadow box, click the ones you want and then do a delete that way. I have a comcast email account, hotmail account and 2 gmail accounts. 4 accounts total. This is using the stock email app. The hotmail and comcast account once you delete the items they go to the trash. Since these are not "googles" service they just stay in the phone trash can. You have to manually delete them. Its kind of a pain. I dont know if that helps. Im sure there is something better out there but im not rooted and it does what it needs to do for me. Same thing with the Gmail they just stick in trash. If I physically log into my email accounts and read or delete messages. When I sync phone email account the corresponding messages will go away. If that make sense.
    05-06-2011 07:39 PM