1. cabster's Avatar
    Hi all,

    I'm a new user and in urgent need of help,
    The phone is approximately 4 months old, hasn't been modified, rooted etc.
    I have the text message storage limit set to 5,000.
    Tonight having sent a text, I was pretty shocked to find the text i sent included text I had said a long time ago to the same person. (girlfriend) who has the Galaxy S2. The text that was added on to my message had deleted just a little over a full line of (newly typed text).

    I'd typed my new text message, press send.
    when she received it she was confused as to why it said something and didn't make sense (she received the text message as one long text.
    one long text that I actually typed, with part of a previous message I had sent over a month ago added on to the bottom of the "new text".
    the text that was added on had deleted a little over a full line of "new text" and had letters in the wrong places etc.

    My girlfriend says this is a common problem and she has had the problem with her phone nearly a year ago, and was due to the message limit and the texts getting mixed up with old and new messages.

    Surely since the time of the S2 if this is a bug with the phone... the s4 should have the problems sorted?.
    She did also say, it could have been her phone that's received the text and added it on, from a previous message she'd received from me and added it on (doubtful).
    Having googled this problem myself... I'm lead to believe that service providers such as Vodafone are keeping old text messages for a length of time and occasionally an old text message will be added into a current message you're sending which I find very questionable if this is to be the case.)

    If anyone can offer any help on this matter as this is not the only problem I'm having with this thing....

    when making phone calls, the phone will make the connection through to the other person and suddenly go quiet and cut off (anybody, could be a company, a friend, family etc, different networks and so on..) the cut off can happen after a few minutes i.e 15-20 minutes but most recently has been happening more after 15-30 seconds and cutting the connection.

    Please help as I'm sure you can appreciate how something simple, can cause such a problem.


    09-15-2013 07:19 PM
  2. Damien Merrylees's Avatar
    Hi Rob....

    I suggest you use Kies or windows copy to backup the old messages onto a computer and then delete the messages.
    Maybe do a factory reset and put them back on there after updating the firmware, see if you still get the same issue.
    AFAIK 5,000+ messages is getting ridiculous though, i don't believe any hardware is designed to actually cope with that.....
    10-12-2013 09:33 PM

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