1. HeyBob's Avatar
    Has anyone moved to Europe and taken a T-Mobile-USA phone with them....

    What can I expect on T-Mobile there or Vodafone?
    06-24-2011 07:53 PM
  2. dante501's Avatar
    Well first off t mobile in Germany is the biggest and kick *** and second it doesn't matter in Germany what phone u buy from what provider the phones aren't lock down like here u can use a t mobile phone on Vodafone e plus or o2 with not paying to get them unlocked. Also if you use prepaid cards they don't charge for incoming calls or text meaning even if ur card is empty u still can receive calls and text. Regardless. Now the bad news. Your sensation only will work in edge since t mobile USA uses different frequency then t mobile Germany. If you get a att phone it will work in 3g 4g. I know this is totally stupid and doesn't make much sense from t mobile USA to use different frequency but America does a lot of stuff that doesn't make sense lol.
    06-24-2011 09:00 PM
  3. marcelstrb's Avatar
    You are right with almost everything except the 3G! I used several 3G phones from T-Mobile USA here in Germany they all worked fine on 3G! Its the other way were it doesnt work T-Mobile.de phone in USA!
    With a T-Mobile germany SIM you dont even need to unlock your phone cause it works just fine with it only for Vodafone, Base or O2 you need to unlock it.
    By the end of this year the whole T-Mobile germany 3G network will be upgraded to 42Mbps, but keep in mind here it is not named 4G only LTE is named 4G here!

    Vodafone offers a lil bit better coverage but the data speeds are a bit lower. O2 has also quite a good network.

    Both T-Mobile and Vodafone have launched their LTE networks but they only use it as home internet yet.
    06-25-2011 02:31 PM