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    Android Central welcomes and encourages developers to post their applications/games in our Application forums. Please keep in mind this is a privilege given to use Android Central to promote your application. Below is an outline of guidelines that must be followed.

    • Review our Android Application forum and select a sub forum that best suits your application/game. Keep in mind only one thread per application.
    • As the developer of the application/game you must announce yourself and please continue to support your thread by answering questions & providing any updates.
    • Application stores/sites we encourage and support at Android Central are Google Play Store, Amazon, & Slide Me. Your post must contain at least 1 working link to one of the mentioned stores/sites to be acceptable.
    • Any threads that contain hacks, cracks and warez of copyrighted or PAID applications/games will be removed and grounds for having your account banned.
    • Use of URL shorteners is not allowed.
    • Posting of zips, rars, file hosting services (hotfile, mediafire, etc) is NOT allowed.
    • References to compensation for use of app (beta testing) is NOT allowed.
    • Posting a link to your development site/page (if you have one) is acceptable as long as you still are providing one of the mandatory store links listed above.
    • Be sure to include a screenshot or video of the app/game in action.
    08-23-2017 04:42 PM

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