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    This is good news and helps to show that VR is going to get even bigger and better with a mobile CPU maker adding native support for VR.

    These improvements should help with performance, battery life, and as a result generate less heat. And we should see some higher end games on mobile VR in the future too as a result of these improvements.

    Qualcomm focuses on VR for new flagship Snapdragon - SlashGear

    From the article...
    "One such thing is foveated rendering, a technology which promises to minimize graphics processing. Rather than rendering the entire scene shown in a VR or AR headset at maximum resolution, foveated rendering focuses its GPU efforts on the portion of the scene where the user is actually looking.

    Since we see things in our peripheral vision at far lower levels of detail, it's not necessary for them to be as crisp and sharp as the graphics we're focusing on."
    08-20-2015 12:43 PM

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