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    Hello All,

    We are thinking to buy a (or several) Samsung Gear 360 cam(s) (2017) to record sessions with our patients. As we will be experimenting with the use or these cams (not many people are using 360 degree cams for this purpose), we don't want to start with a more expensive cam. But i have a few questions regarding this cam:

    * In the iPhone app it isn't possible to stream and record at the same time, is this possible in the Android app or is this only possible with a Samsung device? If i have to buy a Samsung device, which tablets(!) are capable of recording and streaming at the same time?

    * I was told that importing video into the Samsung windows application takes a while ( 1 hour of video might take 7 hours to import), because the video has to be stitched.
    * Can i copy / paste video from the cam using Windows Explorer and stitch the file later on the desktop?
    * What happens if i play an unstitched video, is this even possible?

    * I can connect using a ad-hoc wifi network to a 360 gear. But can i connect the 360 gear to a existing WLAN? (this WLAN will only be used for streaming 360 videos, for parents sitting elsewhere in our building, will have no internet access and will be turned off after each session so there aren't a lot of security concerns)

    Thank you all in advance for your thoughts and answers!

    Best regards, Bernard.
    07-25-2017 06:55 AM

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