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    [3D Live Wallpaper] Betta Fish 3D Free!!-en_generic_rgb_wo_45.png
    Download Betta Fish 3D Free Now!

    Inspired by 6S motion wallpaper, Betta Fish 3D is designed to refine the current 6S motion wallpaper, with outstanding and aesthetic graphics, finished with silky smooth animation.

    Betta Fish 3D is a 3D live wallpaper that mimics the actual famous betta fish, the Siamese fighting fish. Betta Fish 3D is developed in a way that imitating exquisite photography of famous betta fish in aquarium tank. With 5 different betta fish variations and background color options for customizations, Betta Fish 3D is more lively and exciting for a live wallpaper. Betta Fish 3D is also designed to match fish color and background color, thus creating a phenomenal, state-of-art scene. In addition, Betta Fish 3D features silky smooth animation, while conversing your device battery at the same time.

    Unlock all 5 different betta fish and background colors in Betta Fish 3D full version for more customizations. Try it out now!

    Download Betta Fish 3D Free Now!
    05-30-2020 01:59 AM

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