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    Sample Android ADW.Launcher iPhone Theme on an Android phone

    Here are three HD packs with full 175 x 175 pixel icons that look great even on 720p displays.

    -icons-basics.zip (↑ QR code) Icons for System like Email, Phone, and other basic apps.

    -icons-apps.zip (↑ QR code) Icons for another 200 of the most popular applications

    -icons-games.zip (↑ QR code) Icons for nearly 200 of the most popular games

    The iPhone versions of Android icons are used whenever possible. If not, the Android icons were redesigned in high definition.

    So other than being high definition, why use iPhone icons?

    User Friendly
    Apple has limited hardware options but is often heralded for their "user experience". Apple controls everything about the iPhone. Tight standards insure that the icons are consistent and easy to see even against a complicated wallpaper. Many Apple icons are designed by professional graphic artists.

    A Downside of Open Source
    Google wants Android to be as open as possible and does not like "drawing lines." Android developer phones used to come with a standard black wallpaper. Icons that looked OK on a black background might be nearly impossible to see on a bright live wallpaper. As UI Designer Matias Duarte said of Android, "They needed it, but they didn't necessarily love it."

    The Results
    Android "Extra High Definition" icons are only 96 x 96 pixels. They are often designed by programmers with little graphic art experience. Android icons are fragmented into all different shapes and sizes and many have cut-outs in them making them hard to see on different backgrounds. They have shadows above, below, or no shadow at all.

    Using the HD iPhone Icons On Your Phone
    There are lots of ways to change an icon on your phone but Folder Organizer Lite lets you change icons and set up folders all in one great app. We will also be using AndExplorer to expand the Icon Pack zip files directly on your phone, no PC needed. Here are 700 icon sets.

    You could save the icon packs to your PC and use an app like 7-Zip to extract them and then copy them to your phone.

    To see how to use these icons on your own home screen, see Using Folder Organizer to "Theme" Home Screen Icons For Free
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