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    Using Folder Organizer to create an iPhone theme

    If you want to truly "theme" your phone you need to break your warranty by "rooting" your phone. You can then change the look and feel of every app. It can turn into quite a hobby. But if you just want to change the look of your home screens and icons, it is easy and does not break your warranty.

    Start with the Wallpaper
    If you just want to change the to this iPhone-Water-Drops.jpg wallpaper, click the link from your phone to download it. Tap Home > Menu > Wallpaper > Gallery > Gallery > Downloads > iPhone Water Drops > Save.

    Here is the QR Code you can scan directly from your phone with an app like Barcode Scanner:

    Folder Organizer
    There are lots of ways to change an icon on your phone but Folder Organizer Lite ($1.49 full) lets you change icons and set up folders in one simple app. We will also be using AndExplorer to expand the Icon Pack zip files directly on your phone, no PC needed. Here are 700 icon sets.

    - then -

    Install AndExplorer (↑QR codes) then Folder Organizer Lite. Both are free. AndExplorer let's you find files and extract zips.

    For this example download the -icons-basics.zip Icon Pack (↑ QR code).

    Open your notification bar (swipe down) to watch it download. It's a big file. Once the download is complete, tap the download link and let AndExplorer extract your icons to a folder called -icons-basics.

    - and -

    Repeat the steps above for the -icons-apps.zip and -icons-games.zip Icons Packs.

    You could save the icon packs to your PC and use an app like 7-Zip to extract them and then copy them to your phone.

    Add App Shortcuts
    Now you are all set to create shortcuts to use your icons. Let's make a Messaging shortcut as an example.
    1. Open Folder Organizer and tap Shortcuts on the main menu.
    2. Tap the [HL]+[/HL] icon at the top of the Shortcut screen to add a shortcut.
    3. Tap Folder Organizer Item then tap Apps then choose Messaging.
    4. Tap the down arrow by the new Messages shortcut then tap Icon.
    5. Tap Android Galery then Galery (or AndExplorer) then tap your -icon-basics folder.
    6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 for each shortcut you want to make.
    Note you can change app names as well. Some icon names are a little different such as Galery is Photos, etc.

    You are ready to start adding the new shortcuts so close Folder Organizer.
    1. Long-press an empty spot on a homescreen where you want to put one of the new shortcuts.
    2. Tap Widgets > Folder Organizer Item > Shortcut then click the shortcut to use.

    Create a Folder with a Custom Icon
    Now comes the real magic. Lets set up a GameCenter folder like the iPhone for all of your free games.
    1. Open Folder Organizer and tap Labels on the main menu.
    2. Tap the [HL]+[/HL] icon at the top of the Labels screen to add a Label (Folder).
    3. Enter the name for the new folder,"GameCenter" and tap OK.
    4. Tap the down arrow by GameCenter then tap Icon.
    5. Tap Android Galery then Galery (or AndExplorer) then tap the gamecenter icon.
    6. Close Folder Organizer and long-press an empty spot on a homescreenfor GameCenter.
    7. Tap Widgets > Folder Organizer Folder Link > GameCenter.

    Put Apps In a Folder
    You can put shortcuts and apps in a Folder Organizer folder. Here are some popular free games to download if you want a few more.
    1. Tap your new GameCenterfolder on your homescreen.
    2. Tap the [HL]*[/HL] icon at the top of the GamceCenter folder.
    3. Tap choose Items > Apps
    4. Scroll down and check all the games you want to add the tap OK. Done!

    Remove the Black Text Bubbles
    One thing you may have noticed is that the icon lablels in the example screenshot at the top are not set in black cartoon-like bubbles. To remove the black bubbles, you need the full version of Folder Organizer ($1.49) or on Amazon. Tap Preferences > Widgets Theme > New and name it anything you like. Edit it to set Text Background to None and then OK and make sure you new theme is selected.

    Give the Folder Organizer developer the buck and a half. It's worth it.
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    The links to these don't work.
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    I also tried them...they are not working I was really interested in this too
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    How did you make the calendar icon to show the day?? Mine is blank and it bugs me
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    How did you make the calendar icon to show the day?? Mine is blank and it bugs me
    Milo....how did you this? Is it another calendar app beside stock?
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    Over a 100 views but no replies or suggestions??
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