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    Autumn Mood Live Wallpaper by PimpDroid

    130+ amazing autumn HD images with breath taking colors. Definitely autumn mood!

    Golden fields, pumpkins, deep blue skies, sunsets like hellfire, Halloween and much more: 130+ HD themes in warm autumn colors show the season in all its beauty!

    12 hours(!) loop possible! Autumn is the season that offers the most amazing, breath taking play of colors. This live wallpaper provides beautiful snapshots of the season and displays wonderful autumn related HD themes as device background. You don't need to watch one image twice a day if you download all themes and specify a 5 minute delay, because it will run nearly 12 hours until the loop through the different images has completed. Currently there are more than 130! Images included and if the app gets good ratings, we will provide even more in the future. There are also some Halloween related images available. But we offer a specific Halloween app as well, and in addition to that another Halloween app is planned and released soon! This is no simple slideshow. You can use different transitions and even sound effects on touch are available (rather for fun). You can customize interval and which transition type (combinations) you want.

    Download this App from: Google Play

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    11-21-2012 02:26 AM

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