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    Merry Christmas !!!
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    All around the world people are gathering to celebrate these days with family or friends, but we do not all celebrate it in the same way. For myself, as a Dane, the biggest celebration takes place tonight on the 24th of December. I will explain here how that takes place:

    Many people will go to church in the morning, at mid day or early afternoon depending on what suits them best. At late afternoon people will go to their host for the evening. In my case we'll meet at my parents place where my mother will have prepared the traditional Danish Chrismas dinner: Roasted pork and Duck with two kinds of potatoes; regular white ones and then some brown ones fried in sugar. Together with gravy and red cabbage this makes the main dinner. For dessert we have a rice pudding with cherry sauce. Inside the rice pudding a little nut is hidden. The one who find this nut in his or hers portion gets a little present, bought especially for this event and as such is something that fits most.

    After dinner it is time to dance around the Christmas tree, which has usually been put in the livingroom, and decorated with lights, flags and traditional decoration, of which some can be quite old and have been handed over in generations, on the 22nd or 23rd of December. Underneath the tree you will find all the presents. The ones celebrating Christmas there will have brought their presents along and placed them all under the tree. If your neighbour or a colleague gave you a present you will not have opened it beforehand, but be bringing it to whereever you celebrate the evening. With all the presents under the tree we start dancing around it singing Christmas carols. There are usually songbooks available as no one is expected to know all 10 or 15 verses of the various carols and often it will de decided only to take 2 or 3 verses of some of the longer ones. This usually last about half an hour - and then it is time for presents.
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    11-27-2012 11:42 AM

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