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    Live wallpaper balloons around the clock - it is a beautiful live wallpaper combining realistic balloons and digital clock with seconds. A lot of settings allows you to make a desktop device to individual and unique.
    You can configure:
    - The color scheme.
    - The form of balloons (heart, round balls, oval balls, bubbles)
    - The speed of the balloons
    - Number of balloons
    - Size of balloons
    - Show or hide the digital clock
    - Size of clock
    - Transparency of clock
    - Blur of clock
    Changes in the new version:
    Added ability to create contrasting balls at the touch of the screen.
    Added new theme - daytime sky. (All shapes and colors of ballons)
    Added new shape of baloons - star.
    12-28-2012 11:09 AM

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