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    So, apple finally made the iOS look like Android. It might look as cool as Android, but it still doesn't have the power Android wields. How? iOS users will get this new look AFTER Apple releases the iOS7 to public later this year. But Android users can get the same look RIGHT NOW. The irony is killing me

    Here's THE iOS7 theme for Android. Complete and most authentic looking. This is not only icons; like most themes available in play store. It is a complete package. Show it off to your friends or people totting iPhones and amaze them (or rub it in their faces if that's your thing. ).

    == FEATURES ==
    Get the iOS7 Notification center look on one of your screens.
    Get the iOS7 Control center look on another one of your screens; including widget for power control.
    You can change icons too, to look like those of iOS7.
    Yes, you get custom made HD wallpapers too for all screens.
    iOS7 lockscreen clock and unlock slider.
    A full page weather skin, to match the weather app; i.e. an entire homescreen will show weather.

    Compare screenshots above with actual iOS7 screenshots shown in Apple website and then tell me if this is not the best reproduction of that.

    If you like the skin, please do leave a review and a five star rating on the app's play store page. You can also click the +1 button there or here and share it with your circles.

    Get the Theme pack from here - https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...c.uccw.andios7
    Full step by step instructions are here - AndiOS7 - Complete iOS7 theme for Android | iWizard
    Check it out on MyColorScreen - here and here.

    Android+iOS = AndiOS; pronounced like Adios, but with a n in it.
    07-09-2013 09:03 PM

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