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    [FREE] Dreamsky Live Weather Wallpaper with forcast-logo_amazon.png

    - Weatherforcast
    - real day/nighttime
    - unique coloured sky effects
    - weather representation at various levels
    - moving clouds
    - full 3D moving theme
    - no advertising.
    and it will don't drain your batterylife.

    Give it a try, you will like it!

    Google play url:

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    03-18-2014 10:24 PM
  2. dctokyo's Avatar
    looks good, will give it a test
    03-19-2014 12:54 AM
  3. The DreamSky's Avatar
    looks good, will give it a test
    Thank you.
    Tip: The Sunrise starts T-15 min before the shown time in settingsmenu (double tap on screen for the menu). Is worth to see it in full length just once!


    [FREE] Dreamsky Live Weather Wallpaper with forcast-unnamed.png

    [FREE] Dreamsky Live Weather Wallpaper with forcast-screenshot_2014-03-12-06-48-07.png
    [FREE] Dreamsky Live Weather Wallpaper with forcast-screenshot_2014-03-12-18-39-22.png
    03-19-2014 01:36 AM

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