1. Kostja Musichenko's Avatar
    Hi everyone!

    I`m trying to develop apps on android and this is my first one. Coffee theme live wallpaper. So what do you think about? Feel free to download and rate and especialy give feedback
    Coffee live wallpaper
    Coffee live wallpaper-screenshot_2014-03-29-08-50-08.pngCoffee live wallpaper-screenshot_2014-03-29-08-56-00.png
    04-02-2014 03:43 AM
  2. Kostja Musichenko's Avatar
    Come on... any coments or questions? btw new version available on google play
    04-07-2014 02:30 AM
  3. Kostja Musichenko's Avatar
    New version of Coffee live wallpaper
    And another one live wallpaper Asteroids 3D
    Berry_Pink likes this.
    05-20-2014 06:27 AM
  4. Kostja Musichenko's Avatar
    I`m trying to find a new creative theme. For now it`s Spring Flowers Live Wallpaper
    06-08-2014 10:51 AM
  5. LordGeek's Avatar
    Kostja.. hate to say it man, but your LWP certainly does not like the HTC One (M8). I downloaded it, installed.. went into settings.. and this is what I got !!

    I uninstalled and reinstalled from Google Play, same .. my phone is AT&T version with 4.4.2 Stock.

    Posted by LordGeek using his HTC One M8.
    06-10-2014 11:21 PM
  6. LordGeek's Avatar
    WoW... Report a bug and no response !!

    Posted by LordGeek using his HTC One M8.
    06-12-2014 11:35 PM

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