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    3D Live Wallpapers

    Easter is a great and inspiring feast. Our hearts are filled with joy, our eyes look lovingly at the whole world. We all run for happiness and love. Easter can give us what we need, even if this high feelings may sometimes be over too fast. And now we are going to run for Easter and catch up with it!
    You can choose between three heroes - Bunny, Fox and Uhu. Bunny and Fox are going to overtake Easter on a magic motorcycle with easter eggs in place of wheels. Uhu, a small slimon (screen little monster), who came to us from an other planet to celebrate this great feast, is running in an egg shell skilfully driving it. All characters can react on touches!
    You can customize this 3D live wallpaper:
    - first of all you can disable (hide) any element of the scene to get interesting results
    - choose egg coloring
    - road material (grass, bricks, sand)
    - show/hide clouds
    - choose background (grass, amazing little town or snowy mountains)
    - start/stop animation of the clouds and the whole scene
    - and of course choose run speed!

    PlayMarket: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...ingforeaster3d
    04-19-2014 08:37 AM

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