1. graymulligan's Avatar
    so I have started porting some of my blackberry themes over for use with Panda home and wanted a couple of folks to test drive to make sure I'm not missing anything. So, I ported over my scribbles theme...



    Yeah, the screen shots are from the berry, but you get the idea...it's a hand drawn set of icons, simple, cute, and looks cool on the device.

    So, if you're running panda home, and want to help me out (or use this theme)...

    1) save the file to your sd card
    2) from home screen, menu->theme settings
    3) on the theme list screen, menu->add theme (top left menu button)
    4) navigate to the apt file, and select it. This imports the theme into panda home, and it's then selectable.

    right click, save as

    So...anyone looking for themes? Give me some requests, and I'll see what I can do.
    01-01-2010 06:56 PM
  2. woahboi's Avatar
    Ok. Looks good. But I got a request too. I've been looking to get a LRG theme. Nothing crazy just simple clean and kelly green. (Lol it rhymes). Hope to see more themes in the future. Looks like u put a good effort into them. Thanks
    01-14-2010 10:09 PM