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    It occurred to me that while I promised this theme to some readers in Wallpaper Wednesday, this theme never wound up in our Batman V Superman them post. So here it is, in all it's glory!

    Blue Batman theme (as seen in Wallpaper Wednesday)-screenshot_20160309-135732.jpg

    Batman is a tech-savvy man. He’s always had the best toys. He’s the envy of most of us gadget enthusiasts, I mean he hacked every phone in Gotham to give himself sonar vision. Granted, that might set off a few alarms nowadays considering the fights going on between the intelligence community and devicemakers, but Batman was sensible enough to destroy his system once the threat was past. And while I can’t offer you the shark-repellant spray or Thermionic gas missiles, I can offer you a Batman theme that is worthy of a place on Bruce Wayne’s custom-rommed phone. (Because of course Batman would build his own ROM.)

    Here's what you need:
    Batman Circuitry Wallpaper by EchoLeader
    UIcons blue
    Material Music Komponent
    Home screen launcher with third-party icon pack, custom icons, and widget resizing capabilities. If your launcher does not support these, consider trying one of these launchers.

    1. Set the Batman Circuitry Wallpaper in your launcher.
    2. Set UIcons Blue as your icon pack.
    3. For added Batman flair in the dock, edit the app drawer icon. Go into the UIcons pack and scroll down to T (for The Dark Knight). Find the Batman icon and select it as your custom icon.
    4. For a beautiful blue weather widget, add a 1Weather widget to your home screen. When the widget configuration window pops up, select Transparent for the Background, White for the Icons, and Blue for the Accent. Save these settings.
    5. Add a 4x2 KWGT widget to your home screen and stretch it to cover across two rows of your homescreen. Tap your new KWGT to configure it. Tap the Blank widget icon in the top row of the widget template selection window. Tap the New item icon ( + ) in the KWGT widget configuration.
    6. Add a new Komponent. Select the Material Music Compact Kustom Komponent from Material Music Komponent.
    7. Select the Layer tab. Increase the size of the Komponent until it fits the width of your widget. Size will vary based on device size/resolution.
    8. Select the Items tab. Tap the Material Music Compact Komponent to edit it. In the Settings tab, set the acc (accent) and ctrl (music controls) color to Blue #FF00BFFF.
    9. Set both the txt (text) and txtacc (text accent) color to White #FFFFFFFF.
    10. Set the bar (komponent background) color to Transparent ##00FFFFFF.
    11. In the Position tab, change the Anchor position. If you've put the widget at the top of your screen, you can anchor it to the top so that the blank space in the widget is at the bottom, where it's less noticeable. If you put the widget at the bottom of the screen, like I did, anchor it at the bottom.
    12. Save widget and return to home screen to ensure widget renders as desired.
    13. (Optional/If using Nova Launcher) Open Nova Settings. In Desktop settings, set the Page Indicator Color to blue #03A9F4. In App & widget drawers, set the Background color to either blue transparent #8003A9F4 or black transparent #80263238. In App & widget drawers, set the Page Indicator Color to blue #03A9F4. In Folders, set Windows Background to black transparent #80263238.
    03-28-2016 09:15 PM

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