1. StoneRyno's Avatar
    Basically I want to know if everything except the obvious phone calls and SMS/MMS will remain for use (airplane mode with wifi on) as if I didn't switch to android device. I will be using it for other purposes as a secondary device such as beta testing apps and for developing mainly. There may be some other stuff I need to do with the device during the transition to using android device as my primary. I just want to make sure that the plam pre and the palm profile will still function standalone I guess you can call it.
    02-22-2011 04:42 PM
  2. verwon's Avatar
    As long as you've not logged out of your profile, as would happen if you switched to a different webOS device, then yes, it'll be fine.

    I still have my Pre on wifi, because my son sometimes needs help with his.

    Beamed down to the earthlings from my eVo
    02-22-2011 04:47 PM
  3. StoneRyno's Avatar
    Cool beans, I won't be switching webos devices until HP produces one with a 4 inch or larger screen. I held out until the February press event to see if this would be a reality this year but unfortunately I was disappointed to see only a slightly larger version of the pre and "the worlds tiniest smartphone". I love webOS but, even with the pre 1 having a larger screen than the BB8330 I had before it, I still felt enough times that the screen was small to justify making a 4 inch or larger screen a requirement. Considering I used a palm tungsten T5 before I decided to go smartphone and it's screen size it very close to 4 inch screen from a quick tape measure size up.
    02-22-2011 05:05 PM
  4. jjeffcoat's Avatar
    Mine still works.
    03-11-2011 06:29 PM
  5. StoneRyno's Avatar
    For some reason mine doesn't stay in airplane mode after reboots. I've even tried using mode switcher to set airplane mode but no matter what I do it reverts to airplane mode off but the menu item indicates is as being on despite it being off. This wouldn't be an issue except it needing to be rebooted every 24 hours or it gets bogged down from unknown causes. Basically I only use my pre for a few apps I simply can't find an acceptable alternative or the exact app (in some cases) on android at this time. Any ideas how I can correct the airplane mode issue?
    03-13-2011 03:30 AM
  6. jjeffcoat's Avatar
    Why do you need it to be in airplane mode? My Pre works fine over wifi without using airplane mode......

    Which webOS apps do you use that don't have a good Android alternative? Maybe we can pool our resources and get someone to make Android versions of some of them...
    03-15-2011 11:59 AM
  7. StoneRyno's Avatar
    I assume it would constantly be searching for signal since it isn't an active phone on the plan. Plus for some reason it is bogged down big time as long as it isn't in airplane mode. Something I only discovered when after a reboot it wasn't in airplane mode. As soon as I put it in airplane mode it was performing as I was accustomed to before switching to the epic at least until a 4 inch or larger webOS device comes out. I like both platforms pretty much equally.

    But anyways to answer your question about apps I can't find a good option on android for. Or more in a case or two I want that specific app because it is exactly what I want in the app. These apps are:

    Mileage Monitor by Foxtail Software

    It exports and imports it's data in json. Not sure if there is an android equivalent that can import the export from it and vice versa. Too much data to manually add to another app and then back again at a much later date. Anything that is as good as this app and which can import and export without issue to/from this webOS app would be acceptable.

    Notes by Inglorious Apps

    There is just something about this one that sold me on paying for a notes app. I think it may have something to do with how everything about it just works well and presents my notes to me and lists them etc. Like an improved version of the palmOS built in notes app from back in the day. Plus it integrates with google docs so I can sync it for both backup reasons but also for access to on any platform which I can access or integrate with google docs. The couple ones I found that I don't have to pay money for stuff I won't use in order to gain the google docs sync and edit far too many reviews indicated problems I'm not willing to risk. Such as the main one all my notes getting messed up or lost due to app errors.

    iStayFit by Looti Inc

    Android is the only smartphone platform it isn't on. I didn't even try to look for another one since this one is exactly what I need for exercising at the gym. This one and notes I'd have to say I want those apps specifically on android rather than an acceptable alternative.

    Comics by MojoJungle

    Not only do you have your newspaper comic strips like garfield etc it does websites like failblog, i can has cheezburger in chronological order. I fould a nice comic app for newspaper comic strips but not for failblog etc. There are apps that do those sites but only show random stuff and not all inclusive. These sites tend to have animated gifs, videos, and pics. And I like t view them as they are added to the site. Which is how you get the content in their news feed. However there are compatibility issues with animated gifs and newsreaders at least the ones that are what I want in a news reader.

    Outside of that I'm not missing anything I had on webOS on android. I do need to find a good timesheet app that can track my clock in and out that looks good and is not more complicated than it has to be. I used Timesheet by Jody M Sankey on my old palmOS PDA and found an acceptable but not perfect replacement for it on webOS. I'm sure with some help I can find one that I will like.
    03-16-2011 10:35 PM