1. Eamy25's Avatar

    I Got this issue yesterday on my Samsung S2 phone, (Android 4.1.2) , there is one extra unread message for Whatsapp in the notification bar even when I open the conversation, it's only displayed when I receive a new message on Whatsapp.

    for example .. when I get 2 new message from 2 contacts, it displays 3 new messages from 3 contacts, and when I open Whatsapp I find they are just 2.
    also the view of the new messages display 2 in the notification bar..
    I tried to close the app and re-open it, reboot my phone but it didn't work ...

    I know it's not that big deal but it's annoying me

    Please help me to fix this

    Thanks in advance ..
    03-10-2014 04:23 AM
  2. urvashi08's Avatar
    the same problem with my whatsapp..it keeps me annoying reading the unread notifications repeatedly!!please someone help me out..
    05-02-2015 01:56 AM

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