1. cupcup's Avatar
    WhatsApp is finally got a web client after being demanded by many users in years. But there are still some limitations when I try it.

    1. Needs the phone to be around, connected to the network, and turned on
    The service works by visiting WhatsApp web page and scanning the QR code with WhatsApp mobile app. But what if my phone is not around? Seems not any solution for this.
    And after connecting to WhatsApp web client, I need to keep my phone connected to a network and make sure the battery isn’t dead. Or the WhatsApp web client will go offline.

    2. Only supports a single browser
    It’s a little upset and disappointing that WhatsApp team choose to let us use WhatsApp web client on Google Chrome only. You’re out of luck if you prefer using Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera or Internet Explorer.

    3. iOS users have no chance to use it
    According to WhatsApp team, they are unable to provide web client to WhatsApp iOS users due to Apple platform limitations. Therefore, if you are using WhatsApp on an iPhone, you still need to turn to your phone when you receive or want to send a WhatsApp message, though the phone is just next to your computer.

    4. Some mobile features are not available on WhatsApp web version
    Block users, create or leave group, send broadcast messages, send videos, etc. are not supported on WhatsApp web client yet. It’s somewhat inconvenient when trying to block some spam accounts on web client, or anything else that can easily be done on mobile app.

    Anyway, it’s exciting to see WhatsApp team finally step out and break the restrictions! But there are some apps that can do much better than WhatsApp web client now. I personally use AirDroid before WhatsApp team release the web client and will keep using it unless WhatsApp web client gets improvements. The AirMirror feature of AirDroid is a little bit laggy but I can control the whole WhatsApp app on computer!

    How do you guys think? Any alternatives of WhatsApp web clients?
    01-25-2015 09:38 PM
  2. urvashi08's Avatar
    In accurate last seen timings on Whatsapp
    05-01-2015 06:05 AM
  3. Roger28G's Avatar
    The only bad thing for me is, I always close the web tab unintentionally
    06-03-2015 03:16 AM

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