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    I had to send my main phone off for repair. I turned on my spare phone which already had whatsapp on it and it automatically backed up to my google drive, saving old conversations from over a year ago. I now have my main phone back but it has been factory reset and the only messages that I can restore from my google drive are the old ones from my spare phone that it backed up when I first turned it on. So I am missing about a years worth of messages.

    Whatsapp says that the last backup was only 11mb, yet when I check google drive my hidden app data is closer to 40mb
    Is there any way I can restore to a whatsapp backup on google drive from an older version, when I was last using my main phone? Or have all the messages been over written with the old copy from my spare phone?

    I hope that makes sense, thanks for any help.
    02-11-2017 03:54 AM

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