1. chimpboy74's Avatar
    I am looking at the above phone as I like taking wildlife shots whilst out walking (mainly birds so have to be quite quick!) After persevering with a Moto one zoom (good camera but zoom underpowered for my needs) and various add ons (phone mounts for monoculars etc) I've decided I want a better phone. I've considered buying a better zoom lens for my DSLR but frankly it's already cumbersome and often I want to take a shot when I least expect it and don't always carry it.

    So my question is. Does anyone use the mi 10 pro and have any feedback on the zoom capabilities for this kind of use? I've ready many reviews which show some examples (which seem pretty impressive) but they are all limited in discussion on the zoom. I can get the mi10 pro on a good deal right now in UK (£510 SIM free from Amazon or on a good contract with three).
    I've seen that a mi11 has been announced and a mi11 pro is expected. I'm not sure if it will be worth waiting for the global launch of mi 11 pro or if I should go with the mi10. I guess as it hasn't been officially announced any advice on wether to wait or not will be difficult! I don't want to spend over £800 on my next phone but I also saw some info suggesting the mi11 line will be cheaper at launch than the mi10.

    Any feedback/thoughts would be appreciated.
    01-06-2021 09:46 AM
  2. chimpboy74's Avatar
    Hmmmm. Just realised the deals I am seeing are for the Mi10T pro. Which doesn't seem as good as the mi10 pro. I might need to wait to see what is announced soon for mi11.
    01-06-2021 11:04 AM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    Have you thought about a small phone zoom lens? There are some pretty small 18X zoom lenses. (Remember, we're not talking about 35mm lenses here, so the "zoom equivalent" of a 300mm zoom lens is still kind of pocket size (it's at least 2:1, so the same picture in a phone takes a 150mm focal length, and the diameter is smaller).

    Even a 28X telephoto (the equivalent of a 672mm in a 35mm camera) is pocket size (I've seen some on eBay for about US$20).
    01-10-2021 03:20 PM
  4. chimpboy74's Avatar
    Hi. Thanks for the response. I do have a clip on zoom lens but by the time I get phone out, take case off (it doesn't work with case on) and line up the lens on the right camera on my phone the moment has often passed. Maybe I've just got a bad set up but it's not really working for me at the moment.
    01-10-2021 05:52 PM

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