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    am leasing a new Mazda 3 I Grand Touring. I also have xiaomi redmi note 2 smartphone . It runs MIUI android operating system. The problem is that Bluetooth connection does not stay stable with my smartphone. It connects, then drops bluetooth audio connection, then car bluetooth disconnects entirely from the smartphone Bluetooth, then it reconnects back to the phone. And so on. It does not seem to see some of the applications on the phone: meaning it can transmit the audio but does not show on the screen of the car console the progression of the audio song or podcast. I tried to downgrade and upgrade the OS of the smartphone,, . It did not change much. The car USB also does not recognize my phone as a media device when I connect to it through USB . It rather sees my phone as USB storage drive, and I cannot play podcasts or songs using phone applications. Not sure if there are ways to test if the problem is in the bluetooth of the car, or smartphone.

    I am thinking now about other possible solutions. One option is to buy USB or AUX Bluetooth adapter for cars. Will it work ? Should I be able to listen audio streaming and make calls with such adapters ? Any other out of box solution how I can stream my podcasts are welcome. Thanks
    04-14-2016 01:49 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Wi-fi can sometimes interfere--if the phone's wi-fi radio is turned on, then turn it off.
    04-22-2016 04:33 PM
  3. Viktor Raskin's Avatar
    It did not help with MIUI I went down to, and using it now.
    04-22-2016 05:05 PM

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