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    I have an Xiomi Redmi Note 2, with android 5.0.2 and miui 7 Stable. It has an Octa core at 2.2Ghz and 2 GB RAM. I am very pleased with the phone costing about 120 UK pounds but I can't get any talk to text apps to work, it has google keyboard pre-installed and I have tried installing other similar apps but non of them work. There is no mic symbol on keyboard or in the google search bar. I seem to remember that one time I was installing one of the talk to text apps I had a message saying this system does not support the app. The phone shows google keyboard as an installed app, I tied to uninstall and then reinstall but I could only uninstall updates, the other apps I installed I have now uninstalled. I wondered if anyone has any knowledge of this phone and could advise?
    06-22-2016 05:48 AM

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