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    Hello i have a xiaomi redmi 4 (prada) with MIUI 9. I unlocked the bootloader and pressed the option root in the settings. But i run a program that checks if my phone is rooted and it is not. SuperUser app doesn't work. So i tried to install TWRP to root it. There is no official TWRP for my device so i found a couple of ports online. I installed them with no problem. But none of them really worked. When go to the recovery mode it is the official mi recovery. So is there any way of rooting my phone without TWRP? Can i do TWRP work? Thank you
    09-18-2017 06:23 PM
  2. Thacy's Avatar
    Actually, when you opened the root option in the Settings (or another app like Security), your phone has been rooted. Xiaomi has its own root manager function (with no need of SuperUser or SuperSU) in the place where you open root access. Whenever you run an app that requires root access (including the app you installed to check root status), you have to go to the root manager to manaully authorize root permission for the app.

    And, every time you update a Developer ROM, the root function seems to be closed until you open it manually again. It is not that convenient to use rooting function in Xiaomi comparing with other devices. That may be the cost since it is way safer and easier to root a Xiaomi than other Android devices.

    Here is a guide about how to root Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, which should also work for your Redmi 4.
    09-18-2017 07:14 PM
  3. HowAboutANewROM's Avatar
    Okay i will keep that in mind thank you very much
    09-19-2017 11:22 AM

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