1. DomestikPolka's Avatar
    Hello! Sorry I don't know much about rooting. I was wondering if it's safe to root a Chinese rom? I do not intend on switching to global, I just want to know if I risk bricking my phone or never receiving updates if I root on a Chinese rom? Are there are any downsides to doing this?

    I'm on a xiaomi mi 9, MIUI 10.2 on Android 9 pie. Thanks for any help in advance!
    05-11-2019 11:44 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    1. Rooted hones will not update. That's a precaution, because if you've made enough system changes, updating will brick the phone. The update will start, download, then fail before it installs.

    2. It's "safe" to root any Linux installation (Android runs in Linux) - all rooting does (unless it's Magisk, a systemless root) is add one file to the system. Apps that don't need root (all the apps you run now) see absolutely no difference. Only apps that need root will see that file and be able to run. (Without it, they can't.)

    If you're rooting with Magisk, you're just modifying the boot file. If something goes wrong, and you boot with the stock boot file, root is gone and you have the original phone back. (I've been in that situation more than once.) Since the bootloader can be unlocked on the Xiaomi Mi 9, that's the way I'd suggest. https://www.xda-developers.com/xiaom...t-twrp-magisk/ has everything you'll need. (I'd install TWRP too.) When it's time for an update, you temporarily disable Magisk, update, then re-enable Magisk. (The instructions are on the XDA Magisk thread.)
    05-12-2019 02:43 PM

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